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Mary Jo on the Beach at DoverFor Ron, no trip to England would have been complete without visiting the White Cliffs of Dover.  So, we departed Canterbury and rode through more of the wonderful English countryside to the coastal town of Dover.

Harbor at DoverAs we approached Dover the area is very flat and is a little disappointing as far as scenery is concerned.  Then you drive over the side of the "cliffs" into Dover and discover a wonderful little resort and port city on the English Channel.

The coast of France is just over twenty five miles from the port city of Dover across the channel.  On a day with less haze than when we were there you are supposed to be able to see the French coast from the beach at Dover.

Ron on the Beach at DoverThe "beach" at Dover is nothing more than millions of small rocks, if there is any sand we certainly never saw it.  Being rock collectors, we picked up several of the more unique varieties and brought them home with us.  We hope there are no laws against bringing rocks home from England?

Churchhills Hangout During WW-IIThere is a castle on the top of the cliffs and we were told that the castle was used for secret war planning and execution during World War II.  Also the cliffs are riddled with caves that were used for observation of the Germans activities during the war.  In fact Winston Churchill maintained a residence in the side of the cliffs and was reported to spend many hours in the residence pondering the progress of the war.

Pricess Di and Jodi Fayad MemorialAfter a wonderful tour of the Southeast we were delivered back to the Piccadilly area of London.  We had a little time before evening so of course we had to visit Harrods.  We still had some money left, couldn't have that , could we?  While we were in Harrods we visited the memorial to Princess Di and Dodi Fayed.

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