Grandmama and I finally get to see Mickey Mouse, after waiting in line for more than an hour.  Of course we looked through Mickey's house and Minney's house.

Travis and Grandma Meet Mickey

We toured all the different parts of the park and road the rides while we were in the Magic Kingdom.  My favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom was Splash Mountain -- scared my Granddad to death!  Didn't scare me!!!

At The Castle in The Magic Kingdom Space Mountain Another Character Goofey's Roller Coaster Mickey Mouse's House
In Mickey's yard Mickey's Garden We Finally Meet Mickey! Robinson Crusoe's Tree House Upstairs in the Tree House
Haunted House River Boat Ride with Grandmother River Boat Ride With Granddad Train Ride The Castle at Night
Parade Character Lighted Float in Parade Another Float More Parade Floats A Mushroom?
Yes It's a Mushroom! Another Lighted Float The Tower at Night During the Parade. A Ghost Ship Me Laddies! Travis and Draddad Inside Splash Mountain

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