Travis and Grandmother at Animal KingdomMy Grandmother's favorite park on this trip was the Animal Kingdom, she loves all things about animals!  This wonderful park has jungle themes, a very funny bug show, a very wet water ride, an incredible Safari ride and of course lots of places to eat.  We saw all kinds of live jungle animals and beautiful scenery everywhere in the park.  And we got wet!

The Safari Ride is the highlight of the park -- except of course the Water Ride!  All of the signs at the Water ride say "You will get wet!" and granddad and I got soaked.  They didn't lie!

My New Safari Hat My Grandmother is Ready for the Animals We are Ready to Get Wet Beautiful Birds Every Where The African Village
The Safari Bus Departs Time To Get On Board Harambe Wildlife Reserve Woops, Rhinos, Look Out Zebra Striped Elk
Rhino in the Water - Good Place for Him! Giraffs Animal
Ant Hills - Believe It or Not Small Elk
Travis and the Elephants Safari Scenary Safari
You're Under Arrest, You Poacher! A Lazy Gorilla
She's Watching You! Gorilla Sleeping by the Water Fall We Got Soaked!!!! The Tree of Life Travis and Grandmother

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